We strive daily to care for the environment, using state-of-the-art blockchain technology and digital payment solutions accessible to all. Help us create a more sustainable future while earning and contributing to change - join our community today!

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Kmushicoin explanation for the environment.

About Us?

The only cryptocurrency that does real work for the environment!

Welcome to Kmushicoin, a Colombian cryptocurrency created by the Tierra Viva Escarabajos team to do business in a more efficient and sustainable way. We face a challenge in 2019: how to receive payments securely and smoothly from Japan for the export of beetles as exotic pets and the sale of organic fertilizer.

That's when the idea of creating Kmushicoin came up, an innovative solution that allows us to use blockchain technology and digital payments to do business in a secure and effective way. Today, we are committed to promoting the use of blockchain technology and digital payments in our community, and we work together with local farmers and merchants to achieve a more sustainable future.

Join our community and contribute to make the world a better place with Kmushicoin!

Blockchain technology and digital payments to do business more efficiently and securely.
Commitment to sustainable and responsible practices for the care of the environment.
Investment in projects for the preservation of the environment and biodiversity.
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Why Us!

The best of the cryptocurrency sector and the environment.

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Just by creating an account in our system, you can start using all our tools!
Safe & Secure
We have the best security and blockchain experts to make Kmushicoin the best and secure choice!
No plan
You don't need to pay any monthly fees, as all tools, including buying and selling, are completely free!
Secure Storage
Our entire network has different levels of blockchain security, several companies rely on the Kmushicoin network to store their public and private information.
Environmental work
We have several recognitions on environmental care that accredit the veracity of Kmushicoin
24/7 Support
We have the best specialized team 24 hours a day to provide support of any kind.


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Multi wallets for all users of all platforms to be able to send and receive, decentralized and fast wallets.

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Our system allows instantaneous transactions between users, multi-wallets.

Kmushicoin Investment

You can buy, sell and exchange Kmushicoin for another cryptocurrency easily and quickly.

Currency Exchange

We are listed in the best exchanges for our users, you can exchange Kmushicoin for Bitcoin and even USDT.

Kmushicoin Escrow

Kmushicoin also gives you the possibility to invest and make your profit with two clicks. All completely for the environment!

Coin Sale

On the new website, we have included an improved, fully automatic Kmushicoin sales system!



We make the world a better place for the environment!


Frequently Asked Questions

Kmushicoin is the first Colombian cryptocurrency backed by a company that works for the environment, kmushicoin does daily work to bring technology to farmers and be able to give benefits in fertilizers and other things with Kmushicoin

It works through an independent network, which is a blockchain system, within this network we can send and receive kmushicoin instantly.

It can be achieved through PoS mining and a bit of PoW mining, although the latter is not recommended.

The main difference is that Bitcoin has a PoW mining system that is very harmful to the environment due to its high energy consumption. On the other hand, Kmushicoin, having a real project working for the environment, we adopt PoS mining that makes it much greener than bitcoin

You can buy Kmushicoin through the main page, that is, from here you can create an account and it is not even necessary, from above on the button that says "Buy", you just have to place your wallet and you will receive your money after payment.