Frequently Asked Questions

Kmushicoin is the first Colombian cryptocurrency backed by a company that works for the environment, kmushicoin does daily work to bring technology to farmers and be able to give benefits in fertilizers and other things with Kmushicoin

It works through an independent network, which is a blockchain system, within this network we can send and receive kmushicoin instantly.

It can be achieved through PoS mining and a bit of PoW mining, although the latter is not recommended.

The main difference is that Bitcoin has a PoW mining system that is very harmful to the environment due to its high energy consumption. On the other hand, Kmushicoin, having a real project working for the environment, we adopt PoS mining that makes it much greener than bitcoin

You can buy Kmushicoin through the main page, that is, from here you can create an account and it is not even necessary, from above on the button that says "Buy", you just have to place your wallet and you will receive your money after payment.

You can use it in different locations in Colombia, mainly in Tunja, from restaurant establishments, to phone repair services, computer purchases, and even car purchases.

You can store it in your private wallet, if you go to the "Downloads" section you will find all the Kmushicoin wallets that you can use to store them.

It is not necessary, since you can buy with bitcoin from the TxBit exchange, but, if you have a bank account, you can also use it to buy Kmushicoin with it.

Yes, Kmushicoin, both technologically and as a project, you will find a very solid infrastructure that will allow you to feel safe when you buy and sell

It is mainly recommended to put all security measures, for example, activating Google's 2FA, putting password to Android wallets, putting encryption to Windows wallet.

Currently, you can sell your Kmushicoin from Txbit, or also from this web page, first you log in, go to the sell section and fill out the form there.

Kmushicoin is currently priced at $1.20 USD as of the making of this answer.

Yes, from the main page you can sell in Colombian pesos, and if it is for another country you can first sell kmushicoin for BTC and then you can transfer those bitcoins to your local currency.

It is very easy, first you go to the "Send" section both in the Android wallet, web wallet, Windows wallet or Telegram, there you click on send, place the wallet and the amount to send.

The most it takes is 10 minutes.

Yes, thanks to our blockchain network, you can send money wherever you want, the person who will receive it must have the wallet.

There is no restriction, except that the minimum is 1 purchase KTV.

Proof of Stake, is a type of ecological mining, which only needs to have the wallet open with Kmushicoin and it will start mining.

You can mine just by having the wallet, placing coins in it and it will automatically start mining.

A block in the Kmushicoin network is a ledger where KTV shipping transactions are stored.

It takes 1 minute to create blocks.

It is verified through PoS mining

A node is a 24/7 server that is receiving and sending Kmushicoin as its main job.

You can create your own node having your PC on all day receiving and sending information.

Block chain, blockchain, is the place where information of all kmushicoin transactions over the years is stored.

You can do it if you go to the "Dashboard" or "Balance" part and your balance will appear there.

Yes, both for the care of the environment and also on a financial level, kmushicoin is recommended, since there is a company that supports it.

The most important thing is that you join the Kmushicoin social networks, mainly Telegram!